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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect in an interview? Depending on your specific job function and level of experience, you can expect behavioral and technical questions related to the job to which you’re applying, as well as case scenario questions (here’s a problem; how would/did you solve it?). To prepare, visit our Career and Corporate websites to learn more about our company and the industry. Be prepared to tell us about yourself, and to ask questions about the job. This will help both you and your interviewer determine the best path for your career goals. Most importantly, relax and be yourself. It’s your best quality, and we’d like to see it shine!

What’s the best way to apply? Remember, your cover letter is the “first impression” a recruiter has of you. Give them a brief “glimpse” of yourself, highlighting your skills and experience, and why you’re the right fit for Gallo. For processing purposes, please include your cover letter and resume compiled into one Word document.

How often are opportunities available? Full-time positions are generally available in the fall. Our Management Development Program recruits in the fall and the spring. Internships are posted from January-April. These are general guidelines only, as hiring needs are based on many factors. Be sure to check back often!

What schools do we visit? We participate in Campus Recruitment events throughout the year. For more information, please view our Event Listings.

If there’s an event on my campus and I can’t attend, what should I do? Talk to your Career Center counselor. They will know our availability, next scheduled visit, etc., and will be able to contact us. If you are unable to meet with us on campus, then be sure to apply online.

Should I submit my resume for every job posting? No, just the one you really want. For example, there are four types of MBA jobs; you should only apply for the one that best suits you. The interview process will eventually determine the best fit for you, and for us.

Do you have to be 21 to work here? Only if the job requires you to taste wine.

Do you have to like wine? No, however people who do, seem to develop a passion for our product. Even if you don’t, you’ll develop a passion for our lifestyle and respect for how we operate—as a business, and an employer.

How long are your internships? Programs vary based on department as well as each person’s skill level and career path. Many of our internships are 6 months and occur during harvest (July-December).  Learn more about Gallo internships.

Do interns earn benefits? No. However each internship is paid and is a great way to get work experience and network with potential hiring managers.

If I want to explore different aspects of my career, can I? At Gallo, you’ll have every opportunity to pursue your passion and interests, wherever your career aspirations take you. Learn more, from those who know best. Be sure to check out what our employees have to say in features on pages throughout the site.