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Vineyard Management

Vineyard Management

Gallo is uniquely positioned in every facet of the wine industry. Our Grower Relations department was the first in the industry, and our dedicated Research and Development department rivals that of top universities. From wineries small and large, we deliver a remarkable range of top quality wines to consumers around the world. It’s only natural that we’re equally diverse in our skills and expertise.

Through rotational programs and cross-training, Gallo offers a breadth and depth of exposure unsurpassed in the field. Even at entry levels, you have access to major players in the industry, and you’re trusted with complex challenges. It’s a culture that encourages curiosity, where, like our brands, there’s something for just about everyone

Vineyard Management, Grower Relations, and Viticulture and Chemistry are departments that have an extremely important role in our work. Together, they ensure our winemakers have the high-quality grapes they need at the right time, and at the right price.

  • Grower Relations manages third-party grower contracts and advises growers on new techniques in viticulture to ensure quality.
  • Vineyard Management develops, plants and cultivates grapes on winery-owned properties.
  • Viticulture and Chemistry provides critical research and analytical support to our grape growers and to our winemakers, not only enabling us to grow the best grapes but also understand the quality and character of each wine grape variety.

Together, these teams help develop and care for some of the finest vineyards in California. They deploy best practices in irrigation, canopy management, and integrated pest management and fertilization methods. They also maintain collaborative working relationships with our winemakers.

You’ll work with professionals that have a real passion for winegrowing and a love for the California region in which they live and work. If you’re ready to be a part of something this big, explore the opportunities at Gallo.