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Gallo. Be Part of it All.


There is art, and there is science; tradition, and innovation. And there is a place for it all at Gallo.

At Gallo, our winemakers enjoy the best of both worlds. They take an extremely hands-on approach to their craft, especially as harvest nears, when they frequently walk the vineyards and “call” the pick times that will help us yield the ideal flavor profile for our wines. And they utilize the industry’s most innovative processes and technologies.  

As part of our winemaking team, you’ll work closely with Grower Relations and our Vineyard Management staff, following the yield of harvest through the blending and bottling procedure to create the final finished product. You’ll also work closely with team specialists in:

  • Enology Research, responsible for the study of wine fermentation, microbiology, biochemistry, molecular biology and process engineering to help us develop cost-effective, efficient processes that protect quality and enhance the customer experience.
  • Viticulture and Chemistry, providing critical research and analytical support to our grape growers and to our winemakers, which not only enabes us to grow the best grapes but also helps us understand the quality and character of each wine grape variety.

You’ll also work in close collaboration with units in other areas of our business such as:

  • Consumer Insights, Brand Marketing and Sales, where you’ll help us plan, develop and maintain wine styles  
  • Grower Relations to maintain consistent grape delivery to wineries across our region
  • Strategic Planning, Supply Chain, and Production to help manage wine inventories and distribution.
  • And more

You’ll enjoy honing your craft at Gallo. Through rotational programs and cross-training, you can take advantage of a breadth and depth of exposure unsurpassed in the field. Even at entry levels, you have access to major players in the industry, and you’re trusted with complex challenges.  Imagine sharing your ideas with an experienced team of fellow viticulturists, following the fruits of your harvest through production and helping to plan future product offerings. That’s the Gallo experience. Isn’t it time you were a part of it all? Join us.