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Work/Life Balance

Let’s face it. One of the main reasons we all work so hard is to earn the freedom to enjoy our lives. And Gallo wants you to do just that. It’s why we’re continually looking to our employees to tell us what they need to better balance the demands of work and life.

We listen. That’s why, at Gallo, you’ll find a variety of programs to help you live healthier…convenience perks that help you use your time wisely…and social activities that can help you and your family have more fun!

Some of our most popular programs include:

  • Family-friendly policies like our Enhanced Maternity/Paternity Leave
    We strive to continually enhance policies that will offer parents more flexibility so they can meet the needs of their growing families.
  • Meeting-Free Days to help you maximize your time
    Heavy meeting schedules often fill daytime schedules and require long work hours to catch up. Our Meeting-Free Days allow employees to concentrate on larger projects without interruption.
  • Convenient services on-site
    Discounted services like Fed-Ex shipping, Dry Cleaning, and even a Gas Station are conveniently located on our main campus for easy access.
  • Gallo Gives  
    A convenient on-site donation center for charities such as Salvation Army, Goodwill and Catholic Charities.
  • Nutritional Food Options
    We provide easy access to healthier food options on campus, and ensure nutrition information is readily available for all food served here.

When the weather in Modesto invites us to “come out and play,” recreational clubs—like our bicycle club and soccer team—give employees the opportunity to pursue their sports interests, and allow for a little friendly competition.

Social activities such as bus trips to the Giants games or Shopping Days at the local outlet mall are a regular occurrence at our Corporate Offices in Modesto. Coordinated by our Organizational Development team, these trips give our employees a chance to relax and reconnect with their teammates.